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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  September 19, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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latest on the investigation. >> reporter: bombings suspect ahmad kahn rahami was wheeled in the ambulance after a shoot-out with police in linden, new jersey. rahami had been on the run since saturday's bombings in new york city and jersey shore. >> we have directly linked rahami from devicees from new york and from saturday in new jersey. >> reporter: police say rahami, a naturalized citizen from afghanistan was caught on surveillance video near the explosion in chelsea, that left 29 people injured. >> we have every reason to believe this was an act of terror. >> reporter: authorities say rahami was sleeping this is doorway of a local bar when two officers confronted him. he shot one officer and took off running. >> we did return fire to the suspect, striking him several times and taking him down. >> reporter: early monday the fbi raided the suspect's apartment in elizabeth, new jersey and collected evidence. and investigators also recovered a backpack, filled with bombings, at a nearby train station, including, one
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that a robot detonated. so far, authorities say that there is no indication that rahami is part of the cell, president obama is urging everyone to remain vigilant. >> i think it is important to remember what terrorist and violent extremist are trying to do. they are trying to hurt innocent people bye they also want to inspire fear in all of us. >> reporter: police have detained at least five others, in connection with the bombings. >> jessica dean reporting. as we mentioned ahmad kahn rahami was shot in the exchange of gunfire in police in nearby linden new jersey. that is where we will find "eyewitness news" new jersey reporter cleve bryan with how it all went down, cleve. >> reporter: ukee, fortunately those two officers who were hurt, not life threatening injuries taken in ahmad rahami. you can see behind me evidence markers this is intersection that are commonly used, but where there are bullet casings, witnessed described
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seeing bullets flying as there was a foot chase down the street but it started with a local business owner, who reported to some suspicious activity. >> seeing this guy with the blue. >> reporter: jack massa was walking when he saw a man sleeping in the door way in the tavern. he didn't think too much about it until bar owner walk up feeling concerned. >> there was a bombing. >> how do you know it is bombing suspect. >> it is him, that is him. i said call the cops then. >> reporter: around 04:52 linden police office's arrived and recognized it was bombing suspect ahmad rahami. authorities say he had a gun and started shooting at the officers. >> they did exchange gunfire. one officer was struck, in the abdomen but into his bullet roof vest, and the other had some glass, that struck his forehead but not into his skull. >> reporter: shooting continued for more than a block on elizabeth avenue in linden. >> to see him, run between the
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telephone pole and the brown van and all of a sudden a lot of gunfire. >> reporter: police shot rahami at least once in the leg and were able to take him in custody. fbi says this is a case of the community being eyes and ears they need after releasing a picture. >> we turn to the general public this morning, by out the icing that picture and getting that picture out there, so that general public could assist us. >> this is crazy. you are not safe to day. >> reporter: the fbi it says it ties soon to know if rahami was self radicalized or if he acted on his own. they say new that they have him in custody, they will begin the task of building out his potential network, as they learn more about this u.s. citizen, from afghanistan, dissent. reporting live from linden, cleve bryan, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". stay with "eyewitness news" for continuing coverage when we're not on television get very latest anytime at cbs and in other news tonight federal investigators say they
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are looking at stabbings of a minute so the mall as a potential act of terrorism after islamic state claimed suspect had heated his calls for attacks. the suspect stabbed nine shoppers before being shot and killed by an off-duty minnesota police officer saturday night. all nine victims have been treated and released from hospitals there and the mall reopened today. police continue to investigate the suspect's motive. we will have much more on this investigation coming up 59:30. the nation's security concerns have moved to the forefront in the presidential campaign. hillary clinton addressed recent incidents including bombings in new york and new jersey while appearing at a rally at temple university today. "eyewitness news" reporter anita oh is on temple's campus with more on what clinton had to say, anita. >> reporter: ukee, that is right, most of the clinton's speech was catered around millennials and how her presidency will benefit them but she began her speech by addressing those explosions over the weekend that have left many on edge. >> we must remain vigilant.
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this is a fast moving situation, and a sobering reminder that we need steady leadership in a dangerous world. >> reporter: democratic presidential candidate hillary clinton began her speech at temple university by addressing the bomb attacks in new york and new jersey over the weekend. she said in the only will she be a level headed commander in chief if elected but also a champion for millennials. >> fighting for kid, young people and families. that has been the cause of my life. >> reporter: that is why on monday clinton promised policies, that she said will benefit young people but incentivizing paid apprenticeship, connecting all homes to broad band by 2020 and perhaps, most popular among this crowd. >> we came up with a plan that makes public college tuition free for working families, and debt free for every one. >> reporter: to keep platform that rest mated with frank sajack a graduate student with temple university.
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>> hopefully we will start to see some solutions in place like writing off more interest, writing off entire debt. >> reporter: many students told "eyewitness news" they previously supported bernie sand hours later dropped out of the presidential race but it was this. >> i worked with bernie sanders on a plan. >> reporter: clinton's apparent willingness to incorporate sanders ideas that led students to change their mind. >> i was very supportive and now i'm definitely, with hillary right now after this speech. >> reporter: but some people are still skeptical of clinton, wraps biggest criticism she faces she's not trust worthy. coming up at 6:00 how she addressed those concerns head on today and whether student here believe her. live from temple university, anita oh for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". donald trump is expected to campaign in our your use later this week. he will hold a rally in chester, delaware county on thursday night. now today, he was campaigning in the florida and attended rally at germane arena there
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there he also spoke to the crowd about incidents that took place this weekend, and took aim at the country's immigration policies. >> islamic terrorist attacks in minnesota, and new york city and in new jersey. these attacks, and many others were made possible because of our extremely open immigration system, which fails to properly vet and screen the individuals or families coming into our country. >> terrorism and immigration are likely to come up when each of the candidates meets tonight with the president of egypt and the you need the nations. count down is on, 49 days until election day stay with "eyewitness news" for continuing coverage on air and on line at cbs we are following the recover of the two officers shot in the line of duty friday night. we're told officer edward miller has been released from the hospital, and is currently resting, at home.
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sergeant sylvia young who was also shot is still in the hospital recovering tonight. investigators say that the gunman nicholas glenn went on a shooting rampage late friday night, killing a woman and injuring five others. glenn was shot and killed, by police. well, so much needed rain, we have not seen steady rain like this for quite sometime this was the scene in old city this morning. our cameras captured rain and flooding during morning commute. for more on these conditions outside lets check with kate in the weather center. it has been a while, kate since we have had steady rain. >> it has been a good while, over two weeks since we had any appreciable rainfall and long time since we had rain like we had today. it has been ongoing all day long. heaviest rain from the city and suburbs. the it is still continuing, just off the coast and down into delaware as we widen out, you can see we have more showers, heading into southern delaware right now and that batch of steadied rain could make tonight to south jersey, before the evening is through. this is not over yet, even a few showers developing off in our far northern and western
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suburbs. so more rain expected through the overnight hours at least in spotty showers, heaviest has ended, flood advisory ended as well but you can see orange shading indicating 3 inches of rain. many spots in south jersey and delaware checking with over 3 inches from today's rainfall and here in philadelphia 1.29 inches so far. we were in need of rain. this is first day of rain since september 1st, that day we got .47 inches. the thinks almost erased testify sit owe far on the month and past couple of weeks, certainly what to expect? still period of rain, thunderstorm possible this new jersey and delaware. still some slow travel and poor drainage flood ago cross the shore. we will recap shore rain totals and tell you when it clears out with the full forecast in, just a bit, ukee, back to you. well, it is almost game time. bird/bears in prime time tonight, as the nation will get a look at the rookie qb from philadelphia. sports director don bell, joins us now, fans are pumped, ready. it seems like they have in the played for a year.
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>> we were talking about the show. were you like man, i can't wait for this game. >> i'm telling you you. >> i can't wait. >> clock is ticking. >> no matter where you go in this country eagles fans represent. bird can play in the north pole and run into someone from south philadelphia and that is the bears and bird kick off tonight, for eagles fans invading the windy city this weekend. fans in green, chanting eagles chants over and over again at wrigley field. meanwhile, here at home the question is can this team go two-zero. chicago is a three-point favorite, but who cares. >> carson wentz does because he did really well last game so i'm hoping it works out for them. >> it should be a fairly easy win because they don't have an offensive line. with our pressure, our front four, and we don't even have to blitz jay cutler, then you know cutler as soon as he gets hit, pacifier comes out. >> i love it. >> i love the fans, city. i love that. pacifier comes out.
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already talking smack. >> later in the show what people in chicago are saying about carson wentz and also, a one player to look for in tonight's match up, we have a preview live from solder field later in sports. >> they are scared, aren't they people in chicago. >> they are scared. >> i know they are. >> all right, buddy see you then. coming up on "eyewitness news" it is a medication routinely described for child rain warning for pediatrician that is a certain paint medication could cause dangerous side effects, health reporter stephanie stahl will tell you what you need to do to to ask your doctor. good news in the fight against zika virus why florida officials are slightly, relieved but not letting their guard down. one of the hollywood's biggest nights will take a look back at prime time emmys including a private moment that wasn't seen during the
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television's biggest stars came together for 68th prime time m.a. ward and there were a lot of moments we have not seen, entertainment tonight nancy odell joins us from hollywood to tell us about that. hi there, nancy. >> reporter: well, it was fabulous night. night of drama, glamour and, game of thrones they won a total of 12 emmys this year and it has won 38 overall which is most wins ever by a prime time show.
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pretty impressive. but with ten award people verse o.j. simpson continued to permeate pop culture and, courtney vance1 of the stars joined co stars in winning gold but here's what you didn't see during this show. courtney actually calling his kids to let him know he just won, quite a moment, take a look. >> yeah, put the kid on. >> unaudible. >> hi dad. >> hi daddy. >> did you see it. >> yeah, i see it. >> did you see it. >> yes, i see it. >> it was great, so glad. >> wow. >> where is slater. >> right here. >> hi daddy. >> i'm right here daddy, i love you. >> i love you too. >> such a sweet moment. i think i saw kevin frazier tiering up on that. >> that was a great, great moment. >> you as always doing a great job in the middle of the ago on the red carpet. got to ask you any memorable moments for you. >> oh, one of my favorites,
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they are unscripted moments, things that you do not think that will happen and james corden was on the platform and i was talking to him and kevin was talking to kristin bell. when girls got on dress with the long train and puffy skirt, well, you know, different things can ensue. take a look what can happen with james corden. >> james corden is singing. >> i can be blamed for it. >> that is right. >> literally, i mean, it is more material then anything i can ever imagine. i'm so sorry. >> it is beautiful. >> come on, man. >> i live in a apartment smaller than that drey don't know if anybody wants their dress to be called an apartment, but kristin looked gorgeous, maybe one of our best dressed. we will be having a lot of that tonight on entertainment tonight, so be sure to tune in, all emmys tonight. >> james is something else.
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nancy, thanks so much for everything. we will see you later tonight. >> i look forward to it. good to talk to you. >> likewise. tell everybody we said hi. kate bilo here with the forecast. finally we got rain. >> we needed rain. >> yes, we did, big time. >> we can hear the grass go big time. >> i heard it, yes. >> longest lacing of pleasure from the grass because it has been so dry for so long. first, before that not a lot even in the second half of august. hates been dry for better part of the month now. we've raised those deficits today. some spots checking in with over 4 inches of rain which is little too much, too fast and we did have reports of flooding especially down the shore. lets take a look, we will start off there, this is ocean city boardwalk, not a beach day but take heart, if you do like to go down to the shore this time of the year mid-september the rest of the week looks pretty fantastic. so today is your rainy day and then next couple days we will be clearing out. tomorrow iffy down the shore but you rest of the week like tomorrow, wednesday, thursday, friday, saturday looking good. another look at our on the,
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another boardwalk in rehoboth, where we have some steady rain coming through that area right now. southern delaware getting heaviest, at the moment, we can see all of the puddles on the boardwalk there in rehoboth. here's storm scan three, this is what we have right now, most of the region is relatively dry. you will still tiehl with road spray if you are outside tonight. still a couple scattered showers here and there right around philadelphia metro area, south jersey but you southern delaware that is getting steady downpours. you can see yellow shading in there. all of those showers possibly clip cape may county they are weakening but we can still get round of steadier showers through this evening and into tonight. recapping our highest rainfall totals look at west cape hey, 4.69 inches of rain today, north wildwood 3.67. hamburg at 3.17. 2 inches of rain in reading. also in exton, some flood reports, for you surf city new jersey street flooding. 1 foot deep. lincoln drive flooded here in the city. cape may street flooding with
5:19 pm
a foot deep and haven avenue in ocean city was impassable earlier this afternoon thanks to flooding. we have a flood advisory 4:30 expired for south jersey. still in effect for kent and sussex counties in delaware. now rain has kept it on the cool side today, just 71 here in philadelphia. seventeen in millville. but it is still steamy. you you can feel humidity in the air. that will not go anywhere anytime soon. this front, it will take its time clearing out. notice overnight just a few scattered showers here at 1:00 . tomorrow morning another round of showers for southern delaware, possibly south jersey and then it finally tries to clear late tomorrow afternoon. we will be in and out of the cloud right through the day tomorrow. your overnight hours not too bad, scattered showers, better then this morning, for sure, cloud and fog 69 degrees, and tomorrow, morning showers and then clouds gradually decreasing north and west areas of philadelphia, a lot of sunshine, and south and east, mostly cloudy we will see a temperature differential as well. here in the city we will get
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to 84. wednesday and thursday mid 80's again, fall begins on thursday, normal highs in the upper 70's. not feeling like it. definitely feeling like summer but we have a hint of fall coming up in the seven day forecast. >> let me see if i remember this correctly, 10:21 on thursday is that about right. >> yes. >> what do we have for him, 10:21 a.m. >> thanks, kate. still ahead on "eyewitness news" a three-year old in trouble with the law. why this little girl's mom said she needed a tough lesson so she called police on her own daughter, done ton. >> wow. rookie on the road what are chicago bears saying about carson wentz and playing him on monday night foot the ball? we have a preview from chicago coming um next in
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pat toomey started his career as an investment banker. then, a wall street wheeler-dealer, overseeing stock trades in new york, london and tokyo. next, toomey moved to hong kong to work with wealthy chinese investors. in the senate, it's no surprise toomey's been siding with wall street.
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voting to allow banks to continue making the risky investments that wrecked our economy. pat toomey. he's for wall street. not us senate majority pac is responsible for the content of this advertising. hopefully rookie will continue to shine under bright lights of national tv. >> monday night football, bigger than that. >> he is excited, ready too i hope. >> we hope. >> we do. >> we will find out, only known case for, the case of
5:24 pm
the hones, no cure, is your team on monday night football. eagles/bears from beautiful solder field. that is where we will find megan nowicki from cbs chicago. megan, thanks for joining us. first question is what are the bears saying about carson wentz. >> reporter: all week long they have, of course, been praising talking about his cannon arm those two touchdowns passes, vet the ran moves, how he handled the blitz they were saying all of the right things. i think maybe he was getting too much love, after just one game, and, of course, defensive coordinator, nick fangio has been salivating all week putting together a game plan for a rookie quarterback. they are talking about confusing him rattling him early on in his first nfl road game and it will be a super juiced crowd here tonight. but they are hoping he takes a step back here tonight. it was just one game last week. i just learned that rookie quarterbacks are only one-15 on monday night games in the last 30 years.
5:25 pm
we will see if wentz can get his second one, right. >> one-15. thank you. dropping nuggets as i make note of it on my pad. that is pretty good. so let's talk about a veteran quarterback jay cutler from the chicago bears, their all time leading passer. have the fans finally embraced him in chicago? >> reporter: oh, no, born and raised, 16 years i have been covering the bears. he is most polarizing figure in any sports here in chicago. it is just a debate, and a raging debate and eight years with the bears, 11th year in the league people don't know if he is talented, mediocre, will he take them to the promise land. you talk to anybody and it is a different opinion. stats don't lie, cutler won 16 of her last 42 starts. >> ouch. >> he is coming off his most efficient season so fans are starting to embrace him more, turnovers, big costly mistakes, were down last year.
5:26 pm
we will see if that continues this season, but no, i think just the fact who you talked to, run into on the the street if they are a cutler fan or not. >> wow, you are dropping some real nuggets on us today, megan, so good to be here on this side. >> reporter: do you like nuggets. >> these are good, i will tweet them out, give you robs. appreciate it. >> reporter: okay. beautiful night here in chicago. >> all right, megan, thank you. >> yes, it looks like it. >> come on now rookie quarterback last 30 years, one for 15 on monday night football. >> megan was dropping some knowledge on you. >> yes. >> tell her to put her seat belt on. thanks, buddy. coming up next we will have the latest from elizabeth, new jersey where investigators are searching for clues into what spurred a man to go on a bombing spree, torey. it is a designer show house in delaware, wherever roomies getting the final touches, by interior decorators like karen and they say, get inn sire. you heard it coming u
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the master mind behind two bombings in new york and new jersey has been taken into the police custody. this is exclusive new video obtain by our sister station w cbs that allegedly shows ahmad kahn rahami as he walked through the streets of manhattan saturday before an explosion rocked the cities chelsea neighborhood. suspect was arrested this morning after investigators say he got in the gun battle with officers. the the news continues at 5:30. good evening, i'm ukee washington. the jessica dean is on the assignment in the suspect's hometown of elizabeth, new jersey. both suspect and two officers are expect to survive after being injured. the fbi says evidence has linked rahami to saturday's
5:31 pm
blast in new york's chelsea neighborhood that left 29 people hurt and another explosion in seaside park, new jersey. no wants hurt when a pipe bomb exploded before a charity race in the shore town. mayor bill deblasio urged all new york tours call 911 if they see something unusual in the wake of these attacks. >> any given point new yorkers may find a piece of information, hear a conversation, see something that could, very much aid nypd, fbi and partners, and all new yorkers to be vigilant and to provide that information, to get it, at any given point in time. >> overnight police discovered five explosives devices in a trash can at an elizabeth train station, one of them blew up while a bomb squad robot tried to disarm it. tonight we are learning more about the suspect ahmad kahn rahami, 28 year-old is a naturalized american citizen from afghanistan. police raided home where he lives with his parents in elizabeth, new jersey overnight and investigators
5:32 pm
say while they are still searching for a motive behind the bombings, they have not the found any evidence linking rahami to a broader terror cell. we will have much more on this developing story coming up on "eyewitness news" at 6:00 o'clock. meanwhile investigators in minute so the air learning more about the man who attacked nine shoppers at a mall on saturday. police say the attack may have been inspired by isis. >> we are currently investigating this as a potential act of terrorism. >> police say saturday's attack began just after 8:00 p.m. when dahir adan a college student in his 20's, entered a sears store along the mall's south east corner. law enforcement source tells cbs news he asked people if they were muslim. while using a knife, to stab those who said that they were not. the rampage ended, minutes later at a macy's store where adan was shot and killed by jason faulkner, an off-duty minnesota police officer.
5:33 pm
>> his here other i can actions are exemplary, and having witnessed what he did, not only did he fire, the suspect went down, he came backup, three different occasions. >> this guy comes up, he is african-american wearing blue or black, security outfit. >> reporter: ryan sleeve had just entered the mall when he was attack. >> he was going to strike me, and so i fell, and then just hit me in the side of the head. >> reporter: minute so the ace home to the largest somalia american population in the united states. one which has been heavily scrutinized for its threat of domestic radicalization, adan has lived in the united states for a number of years, on sunday, somalia and muslim community leaders gathered to condemn the violence evil is evil it does not mean it the has anything to do with islam or representative of everyone in our community. that is very wrong. >> fbi says it is not clear whether isis had planned saturday's attack or if the
5:34 pm
group had simply inspired the suspect to take action. suspect had three previous encounters with minnesota police in the past mostly for traffic violations. a cease-fire in syria brokered between russia and united states is now over. syria's military abandoned the week long truce. yesterday, syria war planes and special forces destroyed several isis targets. it follows u.s. air strikes in the same area saturday which are believed to have killed dozens of syrian troops. russia's military said it was told by syrian army that at least 62 soldiers were killed in the air raid and that more than 100 were wounded. u.s. health officials lifted their warning to pregnant woman to stay out of miami's wynnewood park district but they are advising that they proceed with caution. officials say they have not found any new cases of the zika virus since early august. they also say that the the numbers are low for the types of bugs to spread the virus. county officials told residents earlier today that it is okay to return to the area. >> everybody should be coming back here and enjoy
5:35 pm
themselves. this is exactly what we hope to happen, that we had an issue, everybody took it seriously and resolved it. >> while the warning has been lifted, officials continue to advise that pregnant woman still might consider postponing non-essential travel to all of miami dade county, including the wynnewood area. liberty medal award winner u.s. congressman john lewis made several stops in our area today before tonight's ceremony. "eyewitness news" at the 700 block in camden where civil rights leader heard calls to preserve property where martin luther king junior called home. king stayed in the home in the 1950's while studying at crozer they logical seminar any delaware county. coming up at 6:00 as john lewis prepares to receive the liberty medal award for his dedication to civil rights, "eyewitness news" reporter nicole brewer will join us live from the ceremony. residents at mercy life senior health center in north philadelphia are celebrating hispanic heritage month. today residents cooked, served traditional hispanic meals.
5:36 pm
they got up on their feet and learned how to salsa with the help of the staff. with some hats and instruments it was all quite the celebration. still to come on "eyewitness news" a warning for doctors and parents about a drug that is sometimes prescribed for children, researchers say it could cause dangerous side effects. a mom called police on her three-year old daughter what the little girl did to force her mom to teach her quite a lesson. kate? well, may only be monday but if you are like me you are thinking ahead to the weekend. lets take a look at our weekend watch weather headlines, weekend first weekend of fall will start on the warm note temperatures in the 80's, maybe a shower around at some point through the weekend especially likely on saturday and will turn cooler sunday and by end of the weekend we will feel a little bit more like fall.
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well, sue signs all the time, buckle up, it is the law. one arizona mom goes to the extreme to teach that lesson to her three-year old, while riding the back seat michelle fortin's daughter you been buckled her seat belt so mom did what many parents would do, yep, she called police. within minutes an officer arrived on the scene to reiterate mom's message. >> yes, it was annex stream choice on my part to call the police but i knew she will remember it. >> apparently mom's plan works, little girl promises, promises, it won't happen again. years to come, mom called the cops on me. next up a story of the good in people coming out in the most tough
5:41 pm
5:42 pm
he's a race-baiting, xenophobic, religious bigot. sage. donald trump is a phony, a fraud.
5:43 pm
he's not a serious adult. i can't vote for donald trump given the things that he said. trump should not be supported. i believe he's disqualified himself to be president. i just cannot support donald trump. in new jersey investigators have been
5:44 pm
combing through apartment of the bombing suspect ahmad kahn rahami, authorities say he is behind the bombings in manhattan in seaside park, it was a tense few days for law enforcement until a little kindness went a long way. >> unaudible. >> thank you very much. >> thanks a lot, man. >> yesterday, an employee from a local star bucks brought coffee and pastries to first responders in new york's chelsea neighborhood. as you can see the tired officers were very, very thankful. well, a delaware home is expected to draw thousands of visitors this fall. it is sight of the delaware designer show house. local interior designedders and landscapers were transforming the home. "eyewitness news" reporter vittoria woodill had a chance to tore the property. >> reporter: in delaware it is all about the details. for the next four weekend you you can tour a 4400 square
5:45 pm
foot designer, delaware show house, and garden, where 20 local designers are displaying their personal styles to catch your eye, and invite you to be inspired in every room. >> i have been here since the beginning and just cannot believe the product. >> we have taken down walls. >> reporter: show house chairperson sandra gamer of the junior league of wilmington says don't think this is your standard tour. >> he not only does decorative finishes on the wall but thinks his own art. >> reporter: it has a art salary feel and philanthropic spirit. >> the home owner has a great collection of local, regional art. this project is to give back on so many levels. it is to give back from a charity fundraiser perspective, toe the not only junior league, who is the sponsor but also the delaware nature society, the delaware contemporary, the delaware fund for women and oxford arts
5:46 pm
alliance who will all share in the proceed for the ticket sales. >> reporter: for these designers it has been a win/win. >> it started with the artwork and ended with finding an architecture salvage piece from the del marva power and light building. >> it has been a wonderful opportunity to use beautiful artwork provided by homeowners as well as my own. >> reporter: let's just say, i love it. they will love that you love it. >> reporter: you just might too. vittoria woodill for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> the 70's, great decade. >> very cool. >> yes. >> we have not had any rain since 1978. >> it really does feel that way. but now you that it started raining, it is raining, finally we need rain. after two or three hours driving around it is like okay, that is you have this. bring the sunshine back. that is exactly right. once we get that good soaking it is like okay, let's bring back that september sun we have seen it but it never gets old. it will be beautiful finish to the week. still nice and warm and while
5:47 pm
we may be bee moaning lack of real fall temperatures we will get there soon enough and we have to enjoy nice warm days while we have them because fall certainly lurking right around the corner. the lets look outside we will start off in the city where we are seeing cloud. it is looking glummy outside in center city. this is a live look from our cbs-3 studios but not a terrible day just clouds, right now, a lot better then this morning, morning commute, very, very slow, it was pouring rain in philadelphia but then it is started to clear out. we saw blue skies peak out midday and then rain started to wrap itself back around and we ended up with more steady rainfall in a few spots this afternoon. but just some clouds, wet road right now, worst of it has been down the shore this afternoon. we will check with our eyewitness weather watchers and my first spot to visit, rainfall totals. you you can see where heaviest were south jersey. buena vista township at margot simon's house, 3.3 inches. james in ocean city, new jersey pick up over 2 inches
5:48 pm
on his rain gauge. willow grove we have barbara lane at 1.83 inches. 1.8 in mohnton. landenberg pa 1.74. many, many spots on our weather watcher list over a inch of rain today but we did need it. you can't complain about the rain when it has been over two weeks since we have gotten any appreciable rainfall and longer since we have gotten a soaking like this one. temperatures still in the 70's. we will check with jenny janssen in cherry hill. 70 degrees. jenny says dew point's 67, miserable monday, i like pirate. glad to see rain. it is miserable. temperatures in the lower 70's. dew points in the upper 60's. it is fully saturated. we will check with hardgot at 71 degrees. lots of needed rain today, just minutes ago muggy and wet, dew point is 72. temperatures to match. take a look what is happening outside in the city. another look the on the hour skies line from across the river at palmyra cove nature
5:49 pm
park. you can see these big gray clouds hanging over the city. we have not been able to break out of those today and even tomorrow we will have trouble breaking clouds because this front set up shop and it does not want to leave. tapping into tropical moisture from the south the that was at one point associated with julia, that moisture is enhancing the downpours especially off to the south, and right now in salisbury, maryland, ocean city, rehoboth beach, where heaviest rain is, starting to redevelop over cape may county. west cape may over four inches of rain earlier today. you may be add to go that total right now. you you can see moisture being pulled in, conveyor belt of moisture up the east coast, there is dry air in the wings but may take a while to get here. future weather shows this front slow to clear, even overnight, into tomorrow morning, still a few showers off to the south and here's is 11:00 a.m. north and western suburbs we will see he good deal of sun, south and east it will be slow to clear. once it does humidity will start to drop. tomorrow still a bit humid. we are in the steamy range.
5:50 pm
wednesday lower humidity, still warm we will keep tonight that not bad range wednesday, thursday, friday. tropics are still active we have tropical storm karl to watch, we have a 90 percent chance of development on the future back to the west off the coast of africa. karl will develop in the hurricane but as you can see from the track it is expect to curve near bermuda it could be in the line of fire as this strength tones category two hurricane but it will stay away trust. fall begins on thursday, 10:00 . ukee got that right last half an hour and it will feel like summer. mid 80's wednesday through friday, saturday, a stray shower and then notice sunday and monday when it will start feeling like the new season. ukee, back over to you. on the cbs healthwatch tonight, new warnings about prescribing codeine for children because of reports of deaths and risk of dangerous side effects. health reporter stephanie stahl has more on this new report. i know a lot of people are interested in this. >> reporter: this is american
5:51 pm
academy of pediatrics talking about this today. there have been all kind of warnings about giving kid codeine, but some doctors still prescribe it, and it is even available in over the counter cough medications, in many states. today a new warning from the pediatricians. doctors and parents should stop giving codeine to children under the age of 18, according to a you this report from the american academy of pediatrics. codeine has been linked to dangerous side effects and rarely deadly breathing reactions. but some doctors still prescribe it to treat pain or cough in children. >> there have been deaths associated with codeine use in children, under going cons ill removal but not just tonsil removal and particularly children who have problems with sleep apnea. >> reporter: body turns codeine into morphine and experts say depending on how fast body breaks it down some children get too much of the drug. doctor randall flick was part of the f.d.a. panel last year that found no evidence codeine
5:52 pm
works for a cough and he says when it comes to pain there are safer alternatives including oxycodone. >> risk of using oxycodone are a different and much less then those with codeine. >> reporter: doctors flick says when it comes to treating pain after tonsil removal medications like acetaminophen and ibuprofen are more common. now an f.d.a. review found that there were 21 deaths from codeine in children from 1965 through 2015. and more than 60 cases of severe breathing reactions, many of those children were being treated, following surgery to remove their tonsils. doctors are saying, best to find an alternative. >> so true, so true. >> stephanie, thank you you. still ahead tonight kevin james is back, comedian takes over monday night right here on cbs-3. hear how this cast compares to his old king of queens co stars on the other side, we will be right
5:53 pm
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5:56 pm
it should be fun to see sketch james is back on cbs starring in the new comedy series sketch can wait. james plays a newly retired police officer who was quickly finding out that life at home may be tougher then life on the job. >> let's take this out we have to start small, okay. >> when you retired, we would be board. >> give me a scenario i might spill it. >> you're on a fishing boat having a snack. >> i like that. >> yes, look at that. look at that. >> water is choppy. >> yes, it is more choppy then that. >> yes. >> and then, you know, and... >> our jim donovan spoke with
5:57 pm
kevin about the new show and new cast. >> as a son of a former retired police officer, i know the life you are talking about on the show but set up premise for the show. >> well, i'm retired, after zero years of service, and what happened was my wife in trying to help me out and knew i had a lot on my plate would not necessarily keep me up to date and up to speed on everything that was going on this is kids lives. so i kind of find out things. it is kind of unearthing a little bit in that you don't know what is going on in your own family. so that and it all kind of collapses with me trying to establish our retirement dream, me and my budd is. >> we're expect big laughs? what is it like behind the scenes and set filming the show. >> i have never worked with a cast where i felt just right out of the gate, you know, lea and jerry was fantastic. i had same feeling with them. this cast is so incredible,
5:58 pm
that it literally takes a long time to get speed and the rhythm of someone down you are agoing with. this group just really gelled together and i feel like i have been with them a while in a way that it feels like you just feel like family and you feel very comfortable with them. >> family that is what i'm talking about. catch premiere of kevin can wait at 8:30 right here on cbs-3. temple university has accomplished a lot but students and staff now want to add something else to the list, and in celebration of the temple pb and j day more than 1100 volunteers at the school tried to break the guinness world record for most peanut butter and jelly sandwiches made in one hour. volunteers set their goals at 40,000 sandwiches, all of hi will be donated to philadelphia food bank. the official numbers will be tallied at 7:00 o'clock tonight. great job, good luck to you all. that is "eyewitness news" at 5:00 o'clock. i'm ukee washington. and i'm jessica dean, live
5:59 pm
from elizabeth, new jersey. "eyewitness news" at 6:00 starts right now. here, in custody the suspect in the bombings in new york and in new jersey is captured alive, after a shoot-out with police. officials say that he is the man behind the attack from new jersey to new york city, and this exclusive new video obtained by our sister station w cbs, allegedly shows the suspect as he walks the streets of manhattan, saturday, before an explosion rocks the city's chelsea neighborhood. >> reporter: philadelphia and chester police responding to is what unfolding in northern new jersey. i'm joe holden, what they expect you to do, if you see something suspicious. rocking the boat, hillary clinton comes to philadelphia with a message for millennials, kate. >> it has been a very wet day and it is not over yet. some parts of the area seeing another round of heavy showers moving in. i will have latest on storm
6:00 pm
scan three and how much rain and when it moves out, "eyewitness news" at 6:00 starts right now. here's is what happening. the hunt for suspect wanted in connection with the pair of bombs in new york and new jersey, end in a shoot-out broad daylight. medics load add mad kahn rahami in an awaiting ambulance after police say they came under fire outside a union county bar. the suspect was shot at least twice in the arm and leg. two officers also wounded, suffered none in life threatening injuries. good evening, i'm ukee washington. good evening everyone i'm jessica dean. coming to you live from elizabeth, new jersey where about a half block away the from the last known address of the suspect, where he is said to have lived with his family above the fried chicken restaurant that they all ran and worked in together. now while that 28 year-old suspect recovers


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